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22 lip smacking dishes that are healthy as delicious

Healthy Snack
22 lip smacking dishes that are healthy as delicious

When health comes with taste there is no one that can stop the craving here is the list of top 22 snacks which you can try out whenever there is crave of delicious food without worrying of health.

  1.    Kale guacamole

A cup of it will help in aiding digestion with a negligible amount of fat; it has made his name to the top of the list.

  1.    Crispy Tabasco Zucchini chips

It is a replacement of market buys chips packet because of its super delicious taste. It can be count as a tasty evening snack.

  1.    Lemony, broccoli, chickpea and avocado pita sandwiches

When you add all these veggies into a sandwich how can you not expect it to be a tasty healthy snack? These are fibre foods which contain many minerals.

  1.   Chocolate dipped clementines

Yeah, this is known as perfect dessert.

  1.  Vegetable Kabobs

All veggie food into one with grilled touch up. It’s a perfect banquet for a get-together.

  1.    Maple roasted nuts

Nuts too good to be sweet would work as a movie snack.

  1.    Acai bowl

Want to kill midday hunger then, rush up and have exceptional less calorie meal.

  1.    Oven fried green tomatoes with yoghurt sauce

Relatives will not tease any further after having a taste of this recipe.

  1.    Thai summer rolls with peanut sauce

Original Thai food experiments and this is the result, a perfect evening snack.

  1.    Zucchini pizza bites

Bored with regular pizza then try this new tiny pizza bites.

  1.    Peanut butter and banana ice cream

The perfect duo to kill your sweet hunger.

  1.    Apple cookies

We are completely obsessed with these sweet apple “cookies.” They’re so much more comfortable than baking real cookies, and way healthier, too.

  1.    Homemade fruit leather

Fruit leather with only 2 ingredients is as delicious as others.

  1.    Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes are mostly taken in time for quick hunger.

  1.    Eggs baked in avocado

Avocado health benefits added with eggs and the perfect meal is ready to fill the empty stomach.

  1.    Banana chocolate chip bites

Banana with choco chips, a dish to kill the hot summer hunger.

  1.    Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are the best source of protein, can be served for the taste change

  1.    Healthy strawberry frozen yoghurt

A little better but better.

  1.    1-minute-cookie-dough-greek-yogurt

Its small cup contains 26gm protein more than protein scoop.

  1.    tuna-in-cucumber-cups

These cute little bites taste as good as they look.

  1.    Bell pepper pizzas

Small size pizzas to kill big pizzas hunger.

  1.    sticky-sesame-cauliflower

You won’t miss the meat at all when you’re chowing down on this healthy cauliflower appetiser.

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