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5 simple hakes to improve your hair health

5 simple hakes to improve your hair health

 How quick your hair grows is strong-minded by your own genetics.

But a lot of environmental factors can drag that rate of enlargement much slower than you want it to be! The enormous news is, you can give confidence your hair to grow faster by increasing encouragement of your hair follicles and using healthy oils and brushes.

You can do as a lot of or as few of these as you want. It’s all up to you! I started by trying everything in the book at first, as much as I could find online, and after I saw fast results, I settled into a more convenient routine by going with the minimum effort I needed to maintain my hair growth. Now, my hair is at the length I have always wanted and I’m in the process of trimming of the older, more damaged ends, and letting the healthy undamaged hair grow out.

  1. A healthy diet

A well-balanced diet will take care of your hair, especially rich in silica, iron, and calcium goes a long way in maintaining good hair health and promoting hair growth. For hair mainly of protein, protein-rich food is also recommended. You should also regard as adding a good mix of leafy, green vegetables and fruits to your diet. Say goodbye from junk food.


  1. Bad sleeping habits  

It’s significant to get high-quality, sound sleep on a daily basis to encourage healthy hair enlargement. On while you sleep Never keep bands, clips, and other hair accessories and also do comb your hair once before going to bed. Use a first-class quality pillow while sleeping use a good quality pillow while sleeping


Use natural shampoos, and be careful with conditioners. It’s recommended that you should only use the natural shampoos chemical formula of your shampoo, the more chances of it damaging your hair. The determinant of quality doesn’t consider the price.  Conditioners should be used in a balanced way too much use or underuse of conditioners often proves detrimental to hair quality.

Check the ingredients of the hair products before using

You should for all time take a high-quality look at hair product labels to check whether they have potentially harmful ingredients. Also can do is try out a sachet of a product before actually beginning to use it

Protect from environment

The environment is the very important factor that determines your hair quality.  You sure to avoid unhealthy and polluted areas as much as possible. They can ruin your hair quality and lead to excessive hair fall.   Consider protecting your hair from over-exposure to the sun, chlorine, wind, and air pollution by wearing a hat or scarf.