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US in Danger: A giant wave of plastic garbage is on the way to US

A motor tricycle loaded with recyclable plastic bottles rides along a street in the Chinese city of Taiyuan in July 2012. (Reuters)

A new study claimed that an enormous wave of the Plastic garbage can flood the whole US in upcoming years.

Some footage of plastics trash drowning over the seas is already giving clear signs of disastrous damage.

Fearing the outcomes many big countries have started waste management operations. Among these China has stepped back and plastics and paper can no longer be buried in their sector. In such attempts, Major US states like Massachusetts and Oregon are totally against the idea of filling the land with plastics and paper.

Researchers have come to know that if other countries will face this unavoidable issue like the US then a total of 111 metric tons of plastic garbage will be collected by the end of 2030. Since China has had stopped importing the garbage US needs to handle domestic strap 37 million metric tons of extra waste.

The only sustainable and stable way suggested by conservationists and waste management operators is to preserve the plastics in the homes. Until new waste recycles technique come into handy residents have to cope up with the situation they are responsible for.

Conservationist digs deeper into the matter and found out that if this thing is not to handle then the world can face the drastic situation and scrap can even enter into the neighbourhood.

China who has been known as the biggest importer of scrap since 1992, have stepped down it has become more difficult to handle the plastics. They have invented to turn plastic into gold. But later it came to know it that recycled items were low in quality so does the final product.

They banned those low quality plastic bags and bottles and from last year. The importance of China’s recycling effort can hardly be overstated. They have a background to handle almost 72% of garbage yearly.

plastic waste imports into China
Pictured are sources of plastic waste imports into China and cumulative plastic waste export tonnage in 1988–2016. (Science Advances)

Till date, they have recycled about 106 million metric tons and 45% of the world in total in last 26 years. The US was one of dependent upon the China to handle trash mainly plastic. Since it cannot proceed the further US needs to come with a new solution to handle this.

Plastics are everywhere from a plastic bag to car everything in between come is plastics. We have overestimated our capability and failed and now we are the one who ends up in disappointment.

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