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Are white holes be the clue to uncover dark matter mystery?

white holes
Are white holes be the clue to uncover dark matter mystery? Credit: ESO/R. Massey

White holes are considered to be the opposite of black holes and new discovery revealed that they might contain the most abundant substance which is responsible for the formation of most of the universe matter.

Contrary to this Black holes are so dangerous that even light can’t escape them. It is said that everything that falls into black holes is turned into nothing. There is no escape from it.

Well according to earlier research it was said that white holes and black holes are connected with each in some universe or cosmos and the unbelievable suction power of black holes is provided by white holes.

In simple words, the end of black holes in the formation of white holes. Legendary and most popular physicist Stephen Hawking said that, as the time passes by Black holes will extinct if they suffer the loss of mass more than gaining.

But Rovelli and his research group said that shrinking black holes could not disappear if the fabric of space and time were quantum.

They said that a time will come when black hole can’t shrink further because of space-time quanta, they will be rebound and turn into white holes.

The formation of black holes is because of the explosion that happens when a star dies with collisions that are also known as supernovas.  

But some other theories said that Black holes must have formed after the big bang due to random fluctuations of density in the hot, rapidly expanding newborn universe.

Their mass Even white holes with microscopic diameters could still be quite massive is independent of size, it is said that black holes as small as rive grain could weight more than the moon.

The mystery of dark matter is unsolved from centuries it is said that it cannot be seen and 5/6th of the universe is made up dark matter, studying something unique which does not reflect or block light would have become nearly impossible if it didn’t have the gravitational effect.

A study revealed that the density of dark matter is about 1 percent the mass of the sun per cubic parsec, which are about 34.7 cubic light-years. White holes much smaller than proton on this account said that needed per 2,400 cubic miles (10,000 cubic kilometres).

The white holes of this size are unable to emit any radiation and would fall away if a proton strikes that” Rovelli said.” In case if a black encounter such tiny white holes then it would result in a bigger black hole.

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