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Black Panther smashes bang on box office track records


Black Panther, the Disney- Marvel movie smashes all box office records. It earns a whopping $218 million. In this movie the superhero, T’ Challa played by Chadwick Boseman returns to the remote African kingdom in order to take over the throne. It roared into the movie theatres in this weekend and broke all box office records.

What did the success of Black Panther prove?

The success of this movie also removed the myth that movies starring back actors have less visibility across the world. It simply proved that if a movie is well made then it will surely be appreciated by the public. The global sales of the tickets will go up to $387 million dollars very soon. Black Panther is a movie directed by a black director and also has a large number of black actors. It also proved that no one can stop a well-made movie from becoming successful.

Marketing campaign of Black Panther

This movie was supported by Disney and had undertaken a marketing campaign for the last nine months. The movie theatres tried their level best to accommodate various time slots in order to accommodate the crowds. There were also some cities where the moviegoers came to watch the movie wearing outfits similar to those worn in the movie.

How successful was the movie?

The analyzers were of the opinion that this movie would get sales of about $165 million dollars. This would surely be great sales. But the revenue collected by this movie was actually much more than expected. This movie was not only liked by the North American public, but they were also greatly admired by the critics.

This movie got an A-plus grade from the ticket buyers who were present at the exit of the Cinema Score. As much as 37% of the audiences consisted of the black people. Another very important reason for the success of this movie was the pent-up demand for a black actor to play a superhero in movies.

There was no doubt about the fact that Black Panther would be a great success. But nobody expected it to be such a huge hit. The success of this movie makes you believe that fact that good movies are bound to be loved and appreciated by the public.