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Buckle up because your life is about to take your turn after reading these

Buckle up because your life is about to take your turn after reading these

Living a Happy life is a regular pursuit which is not achieved by everyone today.

People are distressed in life circle and some fail to understand how this journey works. The illusion is everywhere just one decision is enough to change the life.   

Embrace yourselves because we have bought 40 powerful life lessons that will change the rest of your life for good.

  1. Happiness is the utter goal.
  2. Money and sex are permanent illusions.
  3. Be you, don’t change for others.
  4. Leadership quality demands authentic person, not inspiring personality.
  5. Time is your most valuable asset. And you must use it wisely.
  6. Working in comfort zone is good, but there is no growth there.
  7. Nothing is stable neither good times nor bad ones.
  8. Don’t be too good that it’s obnoxious.
  9. Every negative contains a positive.
  10. It doesn’t matter how hard or impossible it looks never lose the sight of your goal.
  11. Change the perception of viewing things and be practical and self-centred.
  12. Seeing inspirational videos and reading books are great but habit is lethal.
  13. Don’t let your ego to rule you, there is always someone better than you.
  14. Pain will long last if you focus it on too much.
  15. Life is too short, don’t hold the grudge for anyone.
  16. Holding in feelings amplifies their power.
  17. Don’t wait for an opportunity to knock door dig it and find it yourselves.
  18. You should follow your principals and if you don’t have any then you are not on right track.
  19. Don’t think that you are god and predict everything, some might have a different opinion about you than what you thought about them.
  20. You can’t change people conscience, deal with it.
  21. Don’t work for perfection in everything or you will soon feel disappointed.
  22. Fight your fear, the only way to see a better version of yourself
  23. Be patient what you are seeking is also seeking you.
  24. Curiosity sustains success.
  25. You can’t achieve everything alone, other play a vital role in your journey.
  26. It’s a myth that everything happens for good, you just want to vie in a better way and apparently it’s not.
  27. If you are stuck somewhere then look at your past because you don’t want to relive again like that.
  28. Being is more important than doing.
  29. Mental health is more important than physical.
  30. If you can think it then you are halfway done.
  31. You have to lose people if they are interrupting between you and your goals.
  32. Knowledge is the key.
  33. Your ambition should be strong enough to not to disrupt away positive thoughts.
  34. Taking decisions from the mind is good but you should listen to your heart sometimes.
  35. Love is the fourth basic need for life after food, shelter, and clothing.
  36. Nothing value more than your family.
  37. Enjoy every little moment, because memories last long people won’t.
  38. Putting your perspective is good but it doesn’t mean it is correct all the time, others opinion also matters.
  39. Don’t be too hunger for success or it can cost you loving and caring people.
  40. Life lessons are taught by those who are not with you.