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Can “Sex manual from 1720” be the perfect gift for your Valentine?

IMAGE/Derby Telegraph

Well if you have trouble in choosing the gift for your valentine or you are bored with regular gifts then try something new this time by gifting “Sex manual from the 1720s”.

Don’t get wrong intuition but this sex manual has something hidden that separated this from the crowd.

This 300-year-old sex manual offers an unexpected behavior towards sex. The book reveals some taboo beliefs that was performed in old age if you get in deep then it reveals some rather unusual attitudes towards sex.

After having intercourse if a woman sleeps at right then it was said she will conceive a boy and left for a girl. Imagination while having sex sways that what a child will look like.

Men are supposed to eat the meat of Blackbird and sparrows in order to make their seed abound, before having sexual intercourse. Women are portrayed as being prone to sexual indulgence.

Not only this pregnant woman’s were claimed to intake nasty food in order to achieve a healthy baby such as “coals, rubbish, chalk, hob-nails, leather, man’s flesh and horse flesh”.

The book that claims to “advise both Sexes in the Act of Copulation” also gives information on monstrous births, witchcraft, and even astrology. The author of the book is Aristotle one of the great writers of that time.

These are few speculations from many and such bizarre activities were normal during the 18th century.

Due to its adult content, the book was banned until 1960’s it is more like an English version of present Kama sutra. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it was put to sell this month at Derbyshire.

It has been completed in two parts the first containing the secrets of Generation. It also said that Meeting of two hearts was said to have a beautiful desire and those who achieved it was said to have met their destiny.