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Consumer DNA test that can bring your relatives into trouble

Consumer DNA test
Consumer DNA test that can bring your relatives into trouble

People have started doubting about policies of private companies after they caught a suspected murderer named as Golden state killer last week through his DNA.

The detectives used nothing but DNA to found out the location of the killer and put him behind the bar for rape and murder charges.

This incident raised the questions among citizens exactly how much data they have passed in the form of DNA to companies.

If you look at the past incidents, then there were several cases where DNA tracing have failed, regardless of the fact that detectives used the same method for investigation.

In some cases, the fault was found in analyse made by a technician, and some guiltless people got arrested because of that.

Working of DNA testing relies upon how companies initiate the procedure and further proceed with it. They use a method called SNP’s (more on those in a second).

Companies tracing way differ some look for direct relatives of distant one while some search for ancestors and find out where your ancestors might have come from.

They extract 700,000 specific positions from billions from in our DNA to look for particular genotype from it.

There are called SNP (single nucleotide polymer Your DNA is made up of building blocks called nucleotides, which scientists refer to like A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s (for adenosine, tyrosine, cytosine, and guanine) that pair up with each other morphisms).

A should match with T’s, and C’s should match with G’s. That’s how it works some minor errors doesn’t affect the result at all. You can call SNP as single change at a unique position. Their main work is to use for Genetic purposes only.

The SNP’s positions are most likely fixed, and this passed through generation wise. Like according to the scientific theory so if one person resided in Russia a thousand years ago got an SNP where an A was swapped for a C at position 3455.

This passed down in generations, and that’s why there are chances that if you have got same SNP position, then your ancestors are from Russia.

In case they are mismatched that doesn’t point that you aren’t from Russia it means you don’t have that specific marker.

These SNP’s are common in the family so companies who use “Ancestry” method can track you using your cousin or relatives DNA. The procedure is little bit complex than it looks.

There are two methods on which companies rely that are Ancestry and familial testing it might sound different, but they both use a database of SNP’s to begin their search.