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Double trouble for Facebook: Got sued once again for fake Bitcoin advertising

Double trouble for Facebook: Got sued once again for fake Bitcoin advertising

Double trouble for Facebook: Got sued once again by consumer expert ‘Martin Lewis’ for the charges of defamation over fake Bitcoin advertising

Facebook again got into problems and this time it allegations were put by the consumer advisor and money saving expert Martin Lewis. He said Facebook allegedly used his pictures and name for bitcoin advertising.

He is blaming Facebook for not able to ban Bitcoin advertising completely that damaged his reputation and there are other peoples who get lured into this scam.

Lewis said he would not take profit from any damages won for his personal use instead he would give this money to charities that are fighting against such scams. He hoped the action would prompt the site to stamp out scam adverts.

The TV presenter who found the website Moneysavingexpert.com said that people are targeted using adverts with savvy schemes like “Get rich quick” with the most popular title of all Bitcoin Code.

The ads are used to operate in fronts for binary trading firms based outside the EU.

Mr Lewis also supported his actions by telling the story of a woman who lost £100,000 as a result of his face used by advertisers.

“The reputation that I build over the years got vanished in a blink of an eye, the most important of all the people must have created a bad image of me” Lewis added.

He didn’t sue for money but to tell Facebook to stop promoting such policies and end it ASAP.

Mr Lewis said my action will be a pathway for those who people who are also caught up in this fake Bitcoin advertising action.

“I and not fond of adverts and I forwarded this message to Facebook earlier, Yet it simply continues to repeatedly publish these adverts and then relies on me to report them, once the damage has been done.

“I don’t know how many days, months or years would it take for me to put an end to this but now I guess I have picked the fight with Facebook which will only end once they put a total ban on these ads and not only with their words”

Lewis said if Facebook agreed to take an action and change their privacy policy and put a permanent ban on Bitcoin advertising then he would take back all the charges of defamation.

Facebook responded to Lewis statement by stating that we were in contact with Mr Lewis team and told them to directly contact us if any of his pictures are used, they also said that accounts which violated privacy policy terms have been taken down.