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Excess drinking habit can shorten your life expectancy

Excess drinking habit can shorten your life expectancy

A new research from an international team shows that regular drinking of alcohol above the advised UK guidelines of alcohol consumption can shorten your life expectancy. This research applies to both men and women.

This was a large study which was conducted on a sample of around 6,00,000 people. It showed that if you consume more than 12.5 units of alcohol i.e. 100g in a week, then you are likely to die sooner than people who don’t consume this quantity.

Current UK guidelines limit the intake of alcohol to around 14 units in a week and this applies to both men and women. This is equivalent to drinking 7 medium-sized glasses of wine in a week.

Alcohol consumption is directly associated with a higher risk of strokes and potentially life-changing conditions like heart attacks and heart failures. But it is associated with a slightly lower risk of non-fatal heart attacks.

This study was a result of a collaboration of 120 researchers who were from around different regions all over the world. Out of 5,99,912 people involved in this research, 40,310 people died and 39,018 people got cardiovascular diseases during an average time of 7.5 years to follow-up.

The research showed various points:

  • People who were consuming around 12.5 units of alcohol in a week we’re having the lowest risk of death from any cause.
  • Above this level, the risk increased to more than 30% for consuming more than 37 units.
  • The risk of stroke increased by 14% for every additional increase of 12.5 units in the consumption.
  • The rate of heart attack decreased by 6% for every 12.5 unit increase in consumption.
  • The risk of all other cardiovascular conditions also increased after every extra 12.5 units of consumption.

Men who drank above the specified limits would lose an average of 1.6 years of their life and women on an average lose around 1.3 years of their life.

Life is precious. One should not waste his years of living just because of over-consumption of alcohol. Even if you are consuming alcohol, it should be within the specified limits so as it does not affect your health. Drinking less will help you live longer and lower your risk of several cardiovascular conditions.