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Facebook entered into a data sharing partnership with 52 tech companies

Facebook entered into a data sharing partnership with 52 tech companies

In a new report of revelations following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that rocked Facebook this year.

The social network has given away that it shared user data with 52 tech firms including e-commerce platforms, mobile handset-makers, software firms and a small number of others.

With 52 technology companies, including Chinese companies like Alibaba, Huawei, Oppo and Lenovo Facebook entered into a data sharing partnership, its latest response to Energy and Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives, the social networking giant said.

Facebook continues to have data-sharing partnerships with a lot of company such as Apple and a small number of others but a number of these deals have expired.

According to the Facebook in its 747-page reply to questions raised by the committee,   it had by now ended partnerships with 38 of them with 7 more due to run out in July and one additional in October this year, Engaged reported on Saturday.

According to the Facebook that 3 partnerships, involving Apple, Amazon and Tobii, an ease of understanding app that enables people with amyotrophic on the side sclerosis to the right of entry Facebook, is due to carry on further than October this year.

Gave 3rd social gathering app developers 1 year of time to comply with the new rules. However, 61 companies got as much as 6 months of additional time to blustery weather down their data collection practices, according to the Facebook report

According to the Engadget report, there are concerns Facebook has been using semantics to share data beyond a US Federal Trade Commission permission decree requiring the site to get hold of go-ahead before collecting additional data than a person’s space to yourself settings agree to.

Facebook had data-sharing partnerships with quite a few Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba TCL, and Lenovo, also share data with phone manufacturer Samsung and others.

Dates of birth, current city, hometown, photos, and page like with developers in these firms Facebook shared those types of active user data from teaching companies.  Flush Mozilla and Opera used Facebook user data to allow browser notifications.

Facebook had suspended over 200 3rd-party apps on its platform as part of its review in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, in May.