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‘Fifty Shades’ trio crosses $1 Billion mark worldwide!


Universal’s ‘Fifty shades’ franchise conquered the hearts of audience once again, on the debut of its third movie, the three-movie female-fueled franchise crossed $1 Billion mark worldwide on Friday.

Although it accomplished rather lower than projected $100 Million through Sunday, the finale of trio was able to cater $ 98.1 Million in its international box offices, this weekend

The already famous franchise, easily dominated the weekend in North America, being number 1 with $38.8 million, the top-most opening of the year till date. The #MeToo movement which affected the second instalment of the trio didn’t seem to have any effects on the final instalment.

The opener of the franchise, Fifty Shades of Grey, scored $85.1 million locally and $242.4 million globally over Valentine’s Day weekend in the year 2015. Reason being, E.J. James’ BDSM-laced books, which were a global sensation at that time.

Its second instalment the follow-up Fifty Shades Darker opened to $46.6 million locally and $144.4 million worldwide. The three-movie franchise has definitely been greatly profitable for Universal, considering the total cost of the trio, combined to be $150 million to produce before marketing. Universal won’t discuss financials, but insiders confirm the ‘Fifty Shades’ is one of the studio’s most lucrative asset.

Roughly 75% of North American audience was comprised of females for Fifty Shades Freed. Dakota Johnson once again starred as Anastasia Steele, while Jamie Dornan reprised the role of Christian Grey.

“We take great pride providing films for distinct audiences,” told Jim Orr, Universal’s president of domestic distribution. “We played evenly across America and over-indexed in a lot of Midwestern markets where you wouldn’t think an R-rated, adult title wouldn’t play.”

It was definitely a long-awaited film by fans which came as a relaxation. The saddest part is that the era of Fifty shades is finally over after giving us so much to enjoy, breaking the stereotypes, it has definitely been a starting of a new era in the Hollywood by catering the female audience. The making of a movie on such a taboo topic was indeed a commendable big step.
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