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Get the new Google Gmail, now with disappearing messages

Get the new Google Gmail, now with disappearing messages

 Last 2 year very bad for email.

The communication tool was at the center of prestigious hacks during the 2016 presidential election. And people remain declaring it dead at the hands of famous messaging tools such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Slack.

According to Google email is not dead Gmail has more than 1.4 billion energetic users a month but it does want people to trust email again.

The company is bringing an accepted feature from secure chatting apps to Gmail disappearing messages. Now Google launches a new version of Gmail for personal and business users.  

This Gmail is new design snoozing and main concern features, also this Gmail is linked productivity tweaks like a calendar and tasks panel

But the largest modify is its collection of new safety features.

Have something sensitive you want to send in an email but are concerned about it surfacing in a hack ten years from now? Click the lock icon at the bottom of an email to turn on private Mode.

You can set a message to expire in one day to five years, and require the recipient to enter a passcode texted to their phone before they can read it.

Private Mode emails will open in a particular window that doesn’t allow the beneficiary to forward, copy or print the message. In this new email, you have a lot of option to cancel an email at any time. This tool is also even for emails sent to non-Gmail accounts.

Since a lot of email hacks start with low-tech phishing scams, Gmail is adding great color-coded warnings on any doubtful emails. It will warn people if a sender appears to be posing as a big shot you know. It first rolled out new phishing tools a month ago.

Currently, Google uses new artificial intelligence to recognize the majority imperative incoming emails. It will also try to recognize mailing lists you can unsubscribe from by observance tabs on how often you actually read messages from lists, and how long it takes you to open those messages. Next new feature Google known as Nudges for remind you about emails that you haven’t responded to.