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Harvard professor explained 5 best workout exercises to remain in shape

Harvard professor explained 5 best workout exercises to remain in shape by Harvard

There are ample of information out there which teaches the workouts and exercises to make particular body fit.

It mostly varies in body type, fat to fit, to gain strength or to gain muscle. A person confuses which to choose as they all have pros and cons in some manner.

The Harvard scientist studied it and figure out at all round body development exercises to remain fit for longer terms. This workout is categorized in 5 exercises.

Dr I-Min Lee professor at Harvard medicine school shared his knowledge with the world. Long runs may help you to lose weight but it might have ill effects in the digestive system.

Do the below workout routine to remain fit in life and lower the risk of heart and cancer. It is stated as ‘Starting to exercise’


  • Swimming


Swimming is the exercise which should at least be performed 3 times in a week since it hits every muscle in the body and increases heart rate too which is good for cardiovascular health. Joint risks are lower when you add this to the regime. It is a proven exercise for overall body development.


  • Tai Chi


Any age person can perform this as it relaxes body and mind. It consists of body movement which also focused on maintaining the balance of the body.


  • Strength Training


The number third on the list is strength training and more importantly HIIT (High-intensity interval training). There are many ways either add weights to the workout or increases the rep both have the same effect.


  • Walking


Waking is the best exercise for aged people who face problem in performing any activity. It has proven the effect of positive response, especially in old age people. Walking helped people to recover from memory loss. It lowers stress and depression if performed 20 to 30 minutes a day.


  • Kegel Exercises


Kegel exercises are lower body exercises and it strengthens muscles around the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. They also go by the name of pelvic floor exercises.

The pelvic floor naturally weakens as we all get older, so tightening and releasing these muscles for a few seconds ten times, four or five times a day will help reduce instances in leakages later on in life.