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How an Indian firm helped Thailand rescue 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave

How an Indian firm helped Thailand rescue 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave

The expert team sent on site

To rescue12 Thai schoolboys doing the dangerous mission and their soccer coach fascinated inside a swarming cave for more than two weeks beginning on July eight and the first survivor may emerge in the evening according to the authorities.

Over 2week-long assignment to rescue twelve boys and their coach from a suffused cave, Thailand finally got its instant of assistance as the mission ruined in success with support pouring in from dissimilar corners of the world. Kirloskar Brothers’ Limited is an Indian firm was among the firms that lent energetic support to Thailand during their rescue mission.

The flood situation exacerbated due to bad weather and alternating rains kept making things harder for the rescue team that’s why Rescuers suffered from a 2-week long dilemma over the best way to bring the trapped out of the cave.

There is a lot of challenge the tragedy evoked support from dissimilar countries and people from all walks of life with Tesla chief Elon Musk leaving behind a mini-submarine to help out in rescue operations.

India too did not fall small and jumped in right away to make bigger help. The KBL Group, which is India’s biggest maker of water pumps and valves, is headed by Sanjay Kirloskar as the chairman and managing director and has years of experience in dewatering.

The company sent teams from its offices in India, Thailand and the United Kingdom to help in the rescue mission at the site. India helps to Thailand to perfume the dangerous rescue.

According to the company release, Indian firm Not only did the send expert teams on the site but it also accessible to provide four particular high capacity Auto prime dewatering pumps.

Mr Narongsak who is ahead of rescue teams and had managed to drain the water level in the cave considerably, but essential to move fast said, according to him, if we wait and the rain comes in the next a small number of days we will be tired again from pumping and our readiness would drop. If that’s the case, then we have to reconsider the state of affairs

One Australian doctor who is part of the rescue mission checked the health of the boys on the night of July seven and gave the all understandable for the procedure to proceed.