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Scientists decode how HIV evades our immune system

HIV evades immune system
HIV evades immune system

After many attempts scientist were finally able to discover the truth behind the immune system battle with HIV.

How HIV escapes immune system is the unanswered questions and mystery for many years. HIV is counted amongst the most deadly disease around the world.

It is believed that around 40Million peoples are infected with worldwide from the first time it came into contact with humans. A new medication is needed to deal with HIV which will slow down the effect of Virus, but it had to be taken on regular basis.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) did research which was carried out under supervisions that discovered the theory of HIV escaping the immune system in the body.

The virus made his way through molecules that cancel out viral infections. Whenever our body infected with virus, body counterattack by releasing a powerful molecule known as interferon which vanishes the existence of disease by removing the virus.

Interferon develops antiviral with the help of series of molecules which cancel out the infection.

In case of HIV, the virus is not fully cleared, that put TCD researchers to go into in-depth investigation whether it somehow blocked the interferon signaling pathway and thus avoided the immune response that is designed to cure the viral infection.

In the end, the conclusion was obvious. HIV shatters the signaling pathway which disrupts the function of antiviral. With the use of our body cells, HIV stops the development of antiviral. In the absence of antiviral, our immune system becomes weak whenever infected with any antivirus.

Sharing the experience of investigation Stevenson said that “Until now we had only precautions, this discovery can help in the cure of HIV.”

He added that “It will take years of money and hard work to eradicate HIV but as for now this information will be beneficial in discovering the unknown mystery about HIV.”

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