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How to prevent breast cancer naturally

(IMAGE Dr. Michael Murray)

We can see the daily increase in the diseases and most threatening is breast cancer among women. Women are more prone to Breast cancer these days.

A study also claimed that 20% of all women who develop breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it! But it can be avoided if women’s prudence about their body. Here are some methods which would signify the causes of Breast cancer.

Control your weight

Maintaining weight should be a first and foremost aspect to avoid any type of disease. Doing any type of physical activity or working out can prevent the prospect of happening breast cancer predominantly after menstruation. An American Cancer Society study revealed that female in the age group of 18 whose weight increase rapidly between 21 to 30 pounds have 45% more chances to cause fall for Breast cancer than those whose who gained less than 5 pounds.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is the cause of various health diseases and it’s somehow related to breast cancer. Besides this, smokers have reported to diagnosed with more than 20 types of diseases contrast to Non-smokers. Even the packet itself gives a warning.


If possible breastfeed the infants for more than 6 months that regulated the cell function and lower down the chances of breast cancer. The longer you breastfeed, the greater the protective effect.

Don’t take birth control pills

Birth control has its advantages and disadvantages. Women above 35 have slightly higher greater chances than women below 25 to fall for breast cancer. These little pills contain Category 1 “Known and Probable Carcinogen” means a substance that can cause cancer. This risk goes away quickly, as soon as the women stop taking pills.

Find out family history

According to a report, some women’s are found to have breast cancer because of their family member disease. Even men carry some tissues/Genes that are the reasons for not only breast cancer but ovarian cancer and prostate cancer too.

Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution

Medical envision methods like screening test to know the condition of the premature baby causes radiation that is harmful to mother and baby both. The same radiation emits by an X-ray machine avoid such test in case if it’s not urgent.

Eat healthy food and avoid exposure to environmental pollution and women can save her from breast cancer.