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How to Reduce Stress Naturally

Have you ever found yourself in a condition when your work assumes to be endless,
target date coming fast and you end with saying ‘Ohh God! Feeling stressed!?

(Stress management techniques and How to control stress)

Just one question for you…….What is stress?
In this situation, your mind goes into a state that is called stress!! In this condition, we feel agitated and aggressive towards others. This can affect our family relationship
and even it may ruin our reputation.
If you are feeling “Stressed” No need to worry about!!
This article will give you some astonishing ways to reduce stress,(stress management techniques) anxiety, agitation and besides this it will also assist relaxation and peace within your body.
Some of the ways require to give practice and most of them will give you a better result if you commit on your part.
However, the results will well worth your effort, because your relax body and a peaceful mind is less prone to the health issues than your stressed body and mind.

1. Breathing

Breathing completely commands your mood, body and your state of mind. You have to just give your full attention to your breathing, and without doing anything, just move in the direction of relaxation.There are many things which are more than worse like your thoughts( our thoughts are the main source of our stress and anxiety), guilt, happiness will try to get your attention. Do try to move your attention to your breath whenever you find yourself commorancy on upsetting thoughts. There are so many breathing exercises you may find online. You should try these exercises regularly.

2. Do Exercise

There are so many people who find themselves comfortable in reducing stress and boosting relaxation by exercise. This is because the main benefit of regular exercise is that, there is the moderating effect on your emotions. And of course, this is a long-term benefit.Whenever you feel agitated, upset or angry, a simple walk or running or even lifting weights for half an hour will put you back in a good state of mind. One more thing you know well exercise is a great way to burn your calories which in turns help you to reduce your body fat but mind its exercise will not teach you to process stress differently. This is the main reason why exercise is not recommended as the main way of relaxation. But its complement such as Breathing or Yoga will help you to relax your body and mind.
Yoga is the best booster for relaxation. Yoga needs your commitment to practice and you must do yoga with an instructor, at least while starting.

3. Do Message and Some bodywork

Get message or somebody work with great relaxing experience. You may move to a Therapist for relaxation therapy if you want full advantage of the message. There are so many body messages which are more effective than others. Some of them which are best for relaxing your body is Trager work, this system uses rocking and bouncing movements to put you into a dreamy state. And another one is watsu, this message is done into warm water. Same as exercise, the message is a more associated treatment. Since the message is limited in its use because only a few of us are able to go to a massage therapist regularly.

4. Do Meditation

What is meditation?
In simple language, it is directed concentration. In meditation we to focus on our awareness and direct it to a point, our breath, a phrase repeated silently, an image in our eye, in fact, it may be anything but our main goal should be the focus. So may researchers have said that there is the great benefit of increased blood flow, low blood pressure, decreased heart rate.
But not everyone knows how to do meditation. In fact, there are so many cases in which people even don’t want to meditate. Before meditation your first step should be improving your diet plan, you have to develop a good habit of exercise and there are so many other things. Some of the people just do simpler techniques of meditation for relaxing their body. Yes!, this results immediately but with less effort.
There are so many forms of meditation and all forms require regular and daily practice over a long period, you have to practice until it rewards you a big result. Try to meditate daily for 20-30 minutes.

5. Mantram will help you to check your Negative Mental States

This is a practice in which you have to repeat certain words, phrases over and over and this will unify your state of mind and counteract your negative mental state. This formula is a simple way to focus your thinking mind. And this will help in counteracting the thoughts that create unhappiness and stress in your mind. When you repeat a mantram it will provide a stable focus on your mind. Since it is totally a compact way, and it requires no types of equipment and needs no training and you can use it in any circumstances. Mantram is mostly helpful for those whose mind keeps moving everywhere this will help them to concentrate an fall asleep. You must try it!