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Indian man leaves 17 pages letter on humanity after setting an ATM on fire

IMAGE/ TheHansIndia

We have all been in that place where we get tired of everything seems not to be working at all. We lose our hopes and we end up doing weird things losing our mind.

There’s a philanthropist who only wants to make this world a better place sometimes we choose creative but wrong paths to show it but.

A man in Hyderabad chose to take a bizarre step to show that. In a horrible incident, an unidentified man set the fire in an ATM at KPHB colony at 3 AM in the night.

On Sunday, at Kukatpally Housing Board (KPHB) Phase 1, an ATM with over 70,000 of cash was turned into ashes.

And the person responsible for doing that left for the world a 17 pages long letter for humanity preaching values and asking for a simple thing to terminate the caste and religious system of the world in hopes to change it.

The locals of the region informed the police after noticing the flames at midnight but, the fire had done its work before police could arrive leaving just the ashes of the cash and some furniture.

According to the local police inspector Kushalkar, the unidentified person professed that every person must own only a single car or bike.

He added that people should live with humanity and protest against racism. Every individual must fight against caste system and religious issues.

Weirdly, he threatened to commit suicide if the contents of the letter are not made public.

The man must be a fan of the rather famous lunatic fictional character “Joker” of DC who have been mentioned in Batman comics and has also been seen in “The dark knight”. Whatever the case, it wasn’t a good gesture to fire up the hard-earned money of people and then preach about moral values and humanity.

There are other ways in which we can contribute to change the world.

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