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Instagram will no longer alert if stories are a screenshot

Instagram will no longer alert if stories are a screenshot

Instagram will not notify users to know if the screenshot is taken of their stories and pictures. This change will soon be deployed in next update.  

They started testing this service anonymously without any official news or update.

Apparently, they now come forward and made an official statement about the disclosure of this service as reported by BuzzFeed news.

If you notice then during the testing phase Instagram didn’t send any push notification to the user if their story was the screenshot. They actually showed a different icon in viewer list for the user who took the screenshot.

Other famous social media application like Snapchat tells user by sending out a notification if their story was screenshot whether it was private or public. This feature helps the users to report the person if their pictures or images are used in an inappropriate way.

This feature is nothing like new or unique. The image-sharing service currently notifies users when a screenshot is taken of images sent in a private Direct Message (DM).

Instagram has repeatedly come out with new updates to make the app more user-friendly. In the last few months, they were very consistent with users privacy and tried to work on different aspects to make it more secure.

Updates like reposts on Instagram Stories, facilitating the product trading, skipping the irrelevant stories, mute feature to personalize the feed, change in User interface and other stuff focused towards businesses on the platform.

Instagram has made another announcement in which users would be able to share videos with the longer length. The 60-second feature limits the users’ social options. This feature is expected to be similar to what YouTube or Snapchat Discover offer.

Apparently, it would be a significant change that would roll out this year.