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Is END OF THE WORLD on its verge?

A TERRIFYING earthquake in Alaska, the super blue blood moon, the threat of a major tsunami and multiple volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ring of Fire provoked fears that the end of the world may finally be nearer than it seems.

But is it true, is the apocalypse actually happening?

The menace of the end of the world rests intemperately on the minds of those who believe in disastrous conspiracies, but an unprecedented number of natural disasters have forced sceptics to stop and ponder the possibility.

A ferocious magnitude 8.2 earthquake woke the residents of Alaska from a sleep, when it struck 252 km southeast of Chiniak, at around midnight.

People along the coast of Alaska, Canada and Hawaii started panicking after the NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warned of potential “hazardous tsunami waves” inbound.

The tsunami warning has been discontinued just after 11 am GMT, but not before a magnitude 7.9 quake hit the Hawaiian island of Honokaa minutes after the Alaskan quake.




Two more volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Agung and Mount Sinabung, have been threatening a major volcanic eruption for months now, with Sinabung exploding itself a few weeks ago.


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Philosophers have long argued that the world is about to end, noticing the signs of the apocalypse in solar eclipses, super blue blood moons and natural disasters.

Theorists who believe in bunkum biblical prophecies are sure that natural disasters on this scale have been foretold by the Bible.
The reason behind so many natural disasters such a concentrated area is much simpler and based on actual, credible scientific studies.

From Indonesia to Japan, to Hawaii and Alaska, the entire region is situated in what is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire – an extremely volatile chain of active volcanoes, tectonic plates and earthquake zones, this region contains most of Earth’s subduction zones.

Subduction is the process in which one tectonic plate moves over the other. Tectonic plates only move by a few centimetres per year, but when an earthquake strikes, they can shift several meters per second.
This results in tremors and the free flow of magma trapped underground and hence, volcanic eruptions.

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