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Is there a Japanese restaurant serving Human meat?

Human Meat

A lot of us eat parts of humans. Given, nails are also human parts and most people bite their nails. But, that’s an entirely ‘fine by me’ type of thing.

But it’s not fine when it comes to cannibalism. Recently, news spread over the internet claiming that new human meat serving restaurant has opened in Japan, and obviously, it was obviously proved wrong later.

But it certainly wasn’t disliked much by the internet. People were making ‘haha’ reacts all over Facebook, making fun of the news.

Cannibalism sure gives us creeps, but, it’s also not illegal in most of the countries. Aghoris in India have been eating dead humans for long.

Everything said and done; you still need to know what science means about Cannibalism and eating human meat, right?

Well, science says it’s apparently unhealthy to consume the meat of your fellow humans. Science opinion, on the whole, says it’s not healthy for you at all.

As per Medical Daily, “Our entire body is approximately 81,000 calories: the thigh is about 10,000 calories, and the heart is 700 calories. Close to half of these calories come from adipose or fat tissue, which makes us the less healthy option for dieters.”

The main danger in consuming human flesh comes from prions. Prions are inherently pathogenic agents that cause abnormal folding of cellular prion proteins, found in the brain. These proteins then cause brain damage and can make humans mad.

The world has witnessed numerous deaths by prion-based disease. The most talked-about documented prion-based disease is the study of fore people of Papua, New Guinea, who used to eat their dead people as a funeral ritual until the 1950s.

People, especially the women, who used to eat human meat more, witnessed dying of a disease known as the Laughing Death, as it caused the patients to burst into laughter randomly.

With increased awareness and efforts of missionaries, the community stopped eating their dead, and the disease disappeared.

So, even the science agrees that you’ll be mad if you start eating the flesh of fellow humans.

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