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Mother unaware about pregnancy-Birth to Surprise Baby by Teenager

Mother unaware about pregnancy-Birth to Surprise Baby by Teenager IMAGE/Thebump

A size 8 teenager mom had no idea she was pregnant until the baby welcomed in her life.

It doesn’t matter how stupid or shocking it sounds but 21-year-old Charlotte Thomson was unaware that she carried baby in her womb for 9 months.

Her baby bump doesn’t show up and she was getting regular periods. One night she woke up with extreme stomach pain and rushed to the nearby hospital.

The doctors who checked on Charlotte was stunned at the moment and after it was found that she was in labour and gave birth to a daughter.

Charlotte named the daughter Molly. Gladly, the baby condition was quite normal compared to other babies.

On asking about the pregnancy she replied: “I was unaware of pregnancy as I had never gone through any pregnancy test and there were no signs of it”

“Like, before I was still able to fit in my dresses too”

But, a month later in December, Charlotte awoke in agony at 2.30am.

From the beginning of the day, her condition was not normal and she even took a Paracetamol to relax from pain.

She told thather stomach pain gotten worse after taking the tablets”.

I found my panties full of blood during midnight that made me more scared of my sickness as I have just gone through periods”

“Without wasting any time I booked a taxi to the hospital”.

“I was examined by a group of nurses at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care hospital”

“I haven’t experienced so much pain in my life and that point I was screaming and shouting like hell”

“I was shocked at the moment when the doctor told me about midwife as I didn’t have any signs of being pregnant”.

“I told the doctor there is some mistake”

“After 2 hours I was a surprised bit scared for my child when an ultrasound test told that I was pregnant”

“At first, I didn’t believe on this news as all this time my belly was straight”.

“At such stressful situation, I was getting nervous as no one apart from me knows about this situation that includes my parents too”

“One of the nurses informed my parents and their arrival made me burst out of my emotions and they were very supportive of their first grandchildren”

“2 hours later Molly entered into my life and from that moment all of our life changed”

Molly is 2 years old now and living happily with her parents.