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Need to Rise: Indian Institutes  Still Lags, Fare Poorly on Global Rankings Consistently


Indian institutes repeated the history by lagging behind the top universities around the nation.

The latest 2018 rankings of Asian and global peers in the QS World University is a demonstration of current educational facilities provide in Indian universities.

US continued their legacy while listing at top positions in QS World University Rankings 2018 Where Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is at first position followed by Stanford University and Harvard University in one of the most recognized universities around the world

Indian private universities are nowhere to be found in top 500 lists. If we look at the current scenario then there are only IIT’s ranked in top 200 globally where Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi rank at 172nd position whereas IIT Bombay is at 179th position and Indian Institute of Science is at 190.

Not even a single university is ranked in top 100. While the list only covers 8 colleges which are listed in top 500 most ranked universities around the world.

If we see universities based out in Asia then Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ranked at 11th position. Among Asian universities, there are more than 10 universities which are under top 100 institutes around the world.

Narayanan Ramaswamy, partner and head, education and skill development, KPMG in India said that India isn’t able to appoint international students because of their academic reputation and teaching faculty.

It’s very troublesome for us to compete with the global universities around the world. Lack of funding is one of the most proficient reasons for not able to mark good positions among top institutes.

Though, he also agreed that some of the universities performed very well by spacing out others from competition and lands a good position among top universities.

If we look at the previous rankings then it can be been seen that IISC along with top IIT’S like IIT Delhi and Bombay is successively growing at the good pace to rank at good positions from top colleges.

The growth can be observed as we can see that Indian Institute of Science (IISc) topped the list of Indian institutes ranking in the 251-300 bucket, dropping from 201-250 in 2017.

The ranking also depends upon environment and placements element so the comparison might not fall in favour of Indian institutes with respect to other global institutes.

Seeing the bad conditions of Indian institutes around the world, in 2015 the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had launched the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to bring out India’s own best institution list.