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New Horizon gives us future, we look up to.

image/Scientific American

We, humans, are always on toes to welcome new into our life. We are ever ready to experiment, expand and showcase new to the world. But it becomes morbid sometimes that we confuse our new interest to wasted ones.

New Possibility
Invention leads to excitement. Be it any invention. We have come across some newer avenues in the astronomical world. We might get elated by the fact that there is life in the universe apart from Earth.

There is pride; the Earth is a solo planet that breeds life. But gradually we are heading towards new parameters that will prove there are possibilities of another address other than the Earth.

New dream for ambitious

There is news that the NASA has installed many homes on the soil of MARS. These homes are looked as igloos. It will have underground tunnels like veins to connect with each home.

It will bear the ill effect of ultra violate rays or other dangerous solar cosmic harm from inhabitants of those homes in Mars.

We become alien to every new

We humans of Earth become alien to every single new thing. We criticize them according to our own standard. But it takes time to welcome in the new into our lives. We are accustomed to our peripheral stability.

It storms up new inventions at the core. But gradually we all become the servant of the new. Sometimes it becomes very tough to maintain the bridge between new and the old ones.

Science is progressive. It always leads us to new prosperities. But it also says that science has not offered us positivity always. It also becomes a curse sometimes. The usage of science has made differentiation into human lives.

So the discovery of alien life might disturb outset standard. It reminded us that if we interact with an alien on Earth, we might behave like we are interacting with animals or robot, even with a paranormal medium.

So, the news of the discovery of alien sounds excited but it will take huge effort to incorporate their activities with ours. It is quite a hard task for nowadays as we all are running the race, called life.