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Nipah virus: all about symptoms prevention and treatment

Nipah virus: all about symptoms prevention and treatment

On Monday, Health Department of Kerala long-established the attendance of Nipah Virus in the state and as the authorities worried are taking methods to recognize individuals who have been artificial and include the outbreak,

TNM brings you a show of what you require to know about this ‘rare’ disease.

 Death is raised in Kerala because of Nipah virus, Kerala government concern about the infection. This infection has high fatality rate. The virus is mainly spread from pigs, bats, and other animals.

This is the first time that Nipah virus has been detected in Kerala. Following the increase in death toll because of the disease, the Union Health Ministry has sent a team of experts to Kerala in order to help people who are aggressive to cope with the eruption. 

Nipah virus infection is a disease which can be transferred to humans from nature. It can cause severe diseases to both animals and humans.  Nipah virus was first reported in the year 1998 in Malaysia Sungai.

Intermediate hosts of this instance were found to be pigs. There were no intermediate hosts found in subsequent outbreaks of the disease. It was in 2004 in Bangladesh that humans got infected with Nipah virus after eating date palm sap contaminated by infected fruit bats.

Transmission of Nipah virus takes place through direct contact with infected pigs, bats or other people infected with the virus. To prevent being infected by the virus, people should avoid consuming fruits that have fallen on the ground.

 According to the Cardiologist Nipah virus causes a viral infection which can be transmitted from infected pigs and bats. There are extremely uncommon cases of human to human transmission of Nipah virus.

“Nipah virus can cause fever, tiredness and also influence the brain. The virus has elevated humanity rate and is organically limited as of now. It is only in Kerala and nearby places.”

 For the Nipah, treatment Cardiologist says people infected with Nipah virus require supportive care treatment. “There are no anti-viral medicines for this sickness. We are still learning about this new virus because it’s reasonably new and rare virus.

According to him, the preventive method against Nipah virus should be staying away from animals and people infected with the virus. “The virus can spread by being uncovered to infected animals.

The specialist said a person can get spoiled with Nipah bug by eating fruits which are uncovered to excretion of stained animals. We have reports that people have fruits which have been ruined by an infected virus.