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“Poop strikes go on for 26 days” after swallowing Drugs


A drug dealer is going viral these days because he refused to poop straight for 26 days. UK police arrested this man and as they believe he swallowed his stash. As per reports, the man is under the surveillance of cops and they are waiting for him to poop.

The strike is continuing for as long as 26 days and Op Raptor West has is reporting regularly for updates over the internet.

Well, op raptor was able to provide hidden details of the suspect and According to tweets posted by Op Raptor West, the drug dealer was arrested in Harlow for owning Class A drugs and smuggling over it to nearby areas.

As soon as the man was arrested Op Raptor made a tweet two days after the arrest implying that “Male doesn’t think we have the power to keep him until he removes said items from his bottom,” This tweet was reported on January 18.

The tweets were the only way of knowing the state of man. Another report came after 50 hours that not only poop he is avoiding food at all means.

Days passed but the man was determined and avoided everything but his health status was not in good condition and he was checked by a doctor.

As his condition was going out of hand the man has provided with 24 hours service of doctors under cops watch. It all was done just to stabilize the condition “as far as health is fine he would give up eventually “the cops said.

The news was spreading widely all over the internet and now the tweets were denoted by separate name as “#poowatch”. The next tweets were filled with #poowatch.

Well, the last tweet was made on day 24 of the strike on Feb 10. Soon the cops claimed struggle of man will end up and he would end this strike. Well, there won’t be any further tweets. But it was a great salute to this man as he received many appraised over the period of time via tweets.

Some said that he should be in Britain’s got talent for this while others were making fun of the situation such mixed tweets surely entertained people for long but the man is on the edge and he would end this poop strike soon.