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Pregnant women fined $74 for walking wrong way at Paris metro station


Pregnant women fined $74 because she chooses the wrong way to reach her desired place at Paris metro station.

As soon as her partner posted a fine slip on social media with the tagline “Bravo for this racket” it has turned out the much bigger concern in Paris. The fine was charged when she tried a different way out by walking counter to a one-way system at Concorde.

As the women go against the rules, she had to suffer the outcomes. RATP the metro operator said that it is a well-designed system to synchronise every one with the flow.

Her partner post regarding the fine spread over social media in no time and many other metro users also complained by claiming they were too targeted on the same day.

There were signboards One, Lucile, told Le Figaro at metro station which woman thought is for directions to avoid any misunderstanding in finding paths.

Women find this charge irrelevant as they were charged for 75 a month for such services which cause problems much time like seedy corridors.

RATP himself said issuing a ticket for such actions is not something that seems ok but he was just following the order as it was up to individual inspectors to look after this.

“Certain corridors can only be used in one direction to facilitate flows and especially to avoid incidents,” it said.

One of the passengers named Michel Babut who belonged to passenger group FNAUT said that this whole matter needed to look up and such rule required a complete overhaul.

One of the person tweets that fine was more than for not having a ticket “words fail me”.

There were many reactions to this incident and one of the persons picked out the fault in escalators and said that fined should be charged for standing in the left side in elevators.

Meanwhile one tweeted that he is ashamed of being born in such country which treats women like this.

Almost all the reactions showed criticism against such decisions by authority members of Paris railway station.