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Professor Hawking demise with shocking theory, said space is finite

Professor Hawking
Professor Hawking demise with shocking theory, said space is finite. Image: Wikipedia

A new and final theory of Stephen Hawking about the universe is out. The theory was published in the Journal of High Energy Physics, the University of Cambridge said on Wednesday.

A handful of research papers with the conclusion about the world submitted to Cambridge University which involved Physicist Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog.

It clearly defines the modern theory which tells that universe created in a big explosion, and we know it by the name “The Big Bang theory”.

“A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” the physicists suggest that the universe is “globally finite and reasonably smooth.”

Means there are a boundary and universe is not an endless space.

Unlike Hawkins previous theory which stated that universe has no end and it has no beginning. It is said that our space keep getting inflated and there is no end because of quantum effects.

The usual theory of eternal inflation predicts that globally, our universe is like an infinite fractal, with a mosaic of different pocket universes, separated by an inflating ocean,” Prof Hawking was quoted as saying in a press release from Cambridge.

There can be different views on physics and chemistry for every universe, and it can be collected and gathered together to form multiverse, but I am not interested in multiverse because this theory can’t be tested if a multiverse will form.

According to this theory, there was never a big bang happened.
“The previous theory tells that universe in increasing because if quantum effect but that maybe not the whole truth,” said Prof Hertog.

But this theory will fail if we count classical physics too. It means Einstein theory on quantum physics will not work in this condition.

Professor Hawking said, “The universe we live in is finite and has a stable structure.”

If this theory would consider that it can bring various changes in multiverse paradigm.

Prof Hertog now plans to study the implications of the new theory on smaller scales that are within reach of our space telescopes.