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Read, what men have to say about sex in longer relationships

Read, what men have to say about sex in longer relationships

There are few people who had long-term relationships but when it comes to sex life they have different answers to a single question

“how often men in long-term relationships had sex”.

As long as the couples are happy emotionally and there with their sexual life too these things don’t matter from both ends. But is it really true?

One of the Reddit users asked questions about the average sex life of couples and explained that “I and my wife have got into sexual talk and we consider that we had sex over 100 times in past year, just wondering how many times it happened in past 10 years”.

Reading this all those men with healthy and longer relationships started sharing their real answers.

  1.    “right now I am at university and me and my GF have sex about 3 to 4 times a week normally it depends upon how much we got time”.


  1.    “I and my wife have sexual intercourse of 3 to 7 times a week, my friends told me that it’s too much but as long as we are happy it doesn’t really matter”.


  1.    Been married for 2 years and living with each other for past 5 years “we usually end up having sex twice a week and count gets sometimes more and neither of us is particularly more insatiable than the other”


  1.    We usually have sex every day but the morning and before the night is like schedule, sometimes during mid-day too, we haven’t missed a single day since the day we get into relationships. We are going to complete 2 years soon.


  1.    Together for two and a half years, we have sex more days than not and occasionally two times a day. I’d have sex every day if he wasn’t so exhausted from work. I wake up wanting sex, I have to remember to let him sleep


It seems like the man must have got his answers, and in literal terms, it depends upon the partner’s compatibility and satisfaction.