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Rs 18 crore found in Chocolate selling guy’s account


A 30-year-old man in Vijayawada has been on Income Tax department inspection.

when it’s disclosed that his account balance crosses budget of more than Rs 18 crore. On May 25 C Kishore Lal who resides in Vijayawada, a small town received IT summons and questioned of such large transaction in his bank account.

Such a huge amount in chocolate vendor guy’s account is not something that can be seen every day. Kishore Lal is a door to door seller of chocolates whose income is less than daily wages of average Indian gets credited an amount of Rs 18 crore in his bank account.

Recently, Kishore opened an account in Sri Renukamata Multistate Cooperative Urban Credit Society in Brahmin Street.

It is the branch of Ahmedabad bank and many other vendors have also opened their accounts in this bank. In past few months, many unknown transactions have been noticed in Kishore LAL account which was credit from Mumbai which ultimately sums up to Rs 18 crore.

It department investigated the Kishore Lal and also listened to his thought about such scam. IT officers asked for CCTV footage from the bank which they will be receiving in next 10 days. As per the sources, IT officers have moved their suspicion to bank members.