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Salmon farming is today a bomb threat


Salmon fishes are thoroughly farmed in several parts of the world. Salomon fish are ray-finned of Salmonidae family.

Its sisters are Trout, Whitefish, Grayling, and Char. Salmon hatch in fresh water, migrate to the ocean and return to reproduce to fresh water. This fish is the mouth-watering piece of love with many ingredients namely, vegetables and rice and with hot drinks.

Fishing excessively

Salmon fishing is making numbers of business centres rich. They have been taken out ruthlessly and becoming a piece of a commodity due to an upsurge of hotel and cuisines that are buying and serving profoundly. Every piece of tiny animate has a certain amount of balance in the environment. An environment is producing because of the balance in an ecosystem. We, humans, are violating the balance of the ecosystem and welcoming the end.

The report

A report said that fish mortality has reached unacceptable levels. Salmon being the biggest food export and provides nearly 2500 jobs is turning the heads down to this end. It is supported by the coastal communities and aquaculture sector in rural areas.But it is now facing an increasing problem as salmon are targeted by parasitic sea lice.

Conservative thoughts to save salmon

Now the salmon-producing organizations are thinking about the matter which has reached a critical point about salmon farming development in a sustainable way to the environmental relation. Salmon are bathing with warm water to get off from the lice and the business purpose has been said that it is doing harm to the water when chemicals are mixing up with it.

We certainly can think about some steps to protect this tiny member to keep the balance in an ecosystem.

        Salmon return to fresh water, exactly where from they have migrated to an ocean. This entire location can be relocated if we want to survive as salmon producer.

        The sector needs more monitoring and effective regulation by the experts.

        We are in high demand salmon. The numbers are growing but not as per our requirement. This practice is damaging irrecoverable damage to the environment. We need to go slow down.

        The tackling progress upon the environment is doing the round since 2002 but it is not sufficient to maintain the balance between salmon demand and supply.

Fish-eating can be curbed but gradually.