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Samsung big advantage over Android, Apple folding phone

Samsung big advantage over Android, Apple folding phone

Samsung and Apple are facing competition on the foldable phone front from Chinese Android manufacturer Huawei this year, according to new reports.

 Citing sources familiar with Huawei’s plans, Korean news publication ET News claims that Huawei is preparing to launch a true foldable phone this November. 

According to the report suggests the date is significant because the Huawei is introduction the device this early with the precise goal of beating Samsung, other Android manufacturers and Apple to be the 1st company to generate a fully stretchy smartphone.

Last month Korean publication ET News reported that Samsung’s folding phone – otherwise known as the Galaxy X – might be delayed because Samsung was “obsessed” with perfecting the user experience.

This is first-class information for consumers. Whilst there remains the extremely real scene that Samsung will be beaten by another Android manufacturer to put up the world’s 1st truly foldable phone, Samsung will without a doubt be the 1st to make a truly in working condition foldable phone.


A few understandable advantages are:

This is a big advantage Samsung has the know-how and sympathetic in this area because of the sheer distance end to end of time it has taken to make it (almost) realism. That’s a smaller amount the case for competitors.

But it is not the main advantage. If Apple and other Android manufacturers have the possessions to go through the rigmarole of manufacturing flexible glass displays en masse, then they can use up a quantity of time on building an OS to go with it.

 Samsung’s much-derided AI supporter, which has struggled up in opposition to the might of Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Samsung is keen to put right that by investing heavily in AI do research by setting up new-fangled research centres in the Russia, Canada, and the UK, hiring more than 1k AI experts.

The investment is clearly considered necessary to the no-win situation up with Google, Apple, and Microsoft. But one area that will aid Samsung’s prospect foldable phone is Bixby’s focus on in-phone voice control.

Whilst Alexa and Assistant and to a lesser extent, Siri try to construct the world’s in sequence easy to get to in a responsive voice, the most recent iteration of Bixby tries to make them more and more endless list of skin tone on your phone easy to get to.