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Sea creatures fall with the rain storm in China

Sea creatures fall with the rainstorm in China. Source/Google

A heavy sea storm hits ‘Qingdao’ of China also known as Chinese port city.

It is one of the main cities of China and generally popular for the consumption of seafood like squid and shrimp. Tsingtao beer is also one of the main attractions that made this city one of its own kinds.

Last week, a great storm shook the whole city and something unpredictable event took place which came out of the blue. Sea animals were thrown out of the sea and found on the streets of Qingdao. They were crawling all over the city find their aquatic life, a home which was taken away by nature abnormal behaviour.

The storm affected the most part of the city and damage can be easily seen while walking throughout the city. Sea storm left the road broken and trees hanging on every corner close to the sea. Some pictures and videos are out on social media where sea creatures can be located wandering over the city to sustain life.

Shrimp, octopi, and even starfish all fell like precipitation from the sky. Citizens said that they have actually witnessed the whole situation where tornadoes made sea animals float in the air and dropping in our city. There were both small and big creatures spotted in the air.

China isn’t the only one. Cities like Mexico and the United States have also gone through such events. This abrupt behaviour had taken many lives. Those who are capable made their way back into the ocean but those with liability suffered from haunted deaths.

Residents were living their daily normal life until this took place. It was like raining of sea creatures those who have witnessed it are still in distress and scared.