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How to Send Payments To Your Friends Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payment Scan QR Code
WhatsApp Payments Now Lets You Scan QR Code to Send Money

Whatsapp’s latest feature, in which you can send money to your friend directly by WhatsApp, has now been rolled out in India.

Now you can use it to transfer money straight to your bank without using any middle agent/wallet or any other app.

It is backed by Unified Payment Interface (UPI), and it is available for both iOS and Android. With this, you can send and receive money from your bank directly without paying to agents in the middle. You can send money to your friends after adding them as a contact by following fundamental steps.

How can you get this latest feature of Whatsapp to send money?

Firstly, you have to update your WhatsApp to version 2.18. Only you updating your WhatsApp won’t help, you need your friend to update his app too.

When he messages you with the updated version, automatically payment option will pop-up on the screen. And this feature is available for both iOS and Android users.

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Whatsapp payment setup

You have to go to settings and tap on “payments,” and then you can add your bank account by “Add your bank account” option. Payments will only work with the mobile no. Linked to your bank account.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to add a new number and link it to your bank account by Whatsapp only. After this, you can accept your number and verify it.

Then your no. will be connected to the account, and you can access your bank account by entering details of your card number to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA). All banks are supported to this.

How to send money?

To send money via WhatsApp platform, you have to make sure that latest updated version of WhatsApp is available on both devices. The person has to link their accounts to WhatsApp also.

After this, while chatting, the attachment button (by which you send images and sounds) will have the option of Payment also. This feature works in group chat as well, to send money to a particular no. in the group.

Also, WhatsApp will alert you if the other no. is not having the updated version of WhatsApp.