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‘Singapore’: New Track by Ravinder Bhinder and Neha Zest OUT NOW !!!

Image/DaddyMohan Records

Love is pure in every situation

Ambition means having a strong desire to do something in life. This practice has left baffled many young adults in life. There are persons who are successful in life due to this element of ambition. The righteousness of ambition has raised many questions though. In today’s world, we are running after our dreams. This run can take us either to the la la land of dreams or to the hell from where the easy return might not possible.

Conquering Love

Love can conquer everything. This habit may take the lover to the moon and back. There are situations and persons that violate all these love rules. The humans are lagging back just because of this ambitious feeling bore by lovers irrespective of gender.

Singapore’s new track of Ravinder Bhinder and Neha Zest have released this February by DaddyMohan Records.

This song is starring Neha zest, One of the best model, Artist (actor) & good person. She is Fabolous, creative & totally dedicated to her profession.

Talking about Ravinder, Ravinder is a famous Punjabi/Bollywood singer with Bollywood hit song “Ho Jaegi Balle Balle” in his account from the movie “Pareshaan Parinda”.

Ravinder, also known as RB, is also the winner of VIMA Music Award for Best Punjabi Song Of 2016 for his song “Grarri”.
He comes from a family where music was not occasional; it was a part of daily life.

What the story unfolds

Suddenly by a song, we might come across this incident recently. Ravinder Bhinder and Neha Zest tried to present a scenario that his love has been deployed badly based o ambition. The girl has flown down to a foreign land to continue her dreams. She is not paying heed to the man or his emotions. She has moved to the new land. She is living her dreams happily. She is busy in her routine.She has left all chapters back at home. Ravinder has got major heart block.



Ravinder has cried a lot for the love of the girl. But that time girl is too busy in her dreams. After two years the boy has come up as the winner. Now the girl wants to come back into the life of that boy. But the emotions have changing materials to it. Now, if the boy is not getting back to the girl it’s not a problem to the boy. He is leading his life in a normal way. He has tried to come up with severe perseverance. Now, the changing situation is making irks to the girl.

The emotions are not something that we can curb easily. We float with emotions in real life. They come to change us. There are situations when people change but the emotions stay back. Success must not change the emotion among people. Ravinder has not changed his feelings for the girl. The girl has kept aside her emotions for success. Now, when the boy has become successful, girl’s wants to come back. This is not right. Real love remains unabashed and it drives human to future.