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Single women in Mexico gets married to trees in ceremony to save them


This incident has taken place at San Jacinto Amilpas, Mexico on Feb 26, 2018. There is a problem of Illegal Logging persisting in this Oaxaca State of Mexico for a very long time.

Oaxaca is one of the five states in Mexico which is worst hit by deforestation, and by this ‘marriage’ stunt, campaigners hope to raise the profile of attempts to protect woodland and to create awareness among citizens about the importance of trees for sustainability of the environment.

Around one-third of the geographical area of Mexico is covered with forest land and this is why the problem of Illegal Logging has risen in the country for quite some time.

This wedding was designed to draw attention to this problem of illegal logging in the country. Earlier, ‘Marry a tree’ began as a ritual of giving thanks to Mother Earth carried out by the organization ‘Bedani” and then it led to the event of a symbolic wedding where men and women marry tree trunks.




This movement was led by Peruvian actor and environmentalist Richard Torres. He delivered this message of illegal logging during the marriage ceremony.

Before you rush to a matrimonial site, we must tell you that this was not a legally binding marriage. Trees can’t consent to the marital union- but they do need our protection.

Photos of this mass marriage ceremony took over the internet and went viral within a few hours. Photos include brides, dressed in white, kissing and hugging their beloved tree trunks as they pledge their devotion forever.

Men also came forward in this ceremony and married tree trunks wearing bridal veils. There were even bouquets to throw at the wedding, although humans caught them instead of guests from tree’s side of the family.

This was a great step taken by the organization Bidani for the protection of trees in Mexico. All this must be done by other countries also, so as to stop such illegal activities by criminal groups and also to save Mother Nature from deforestation.