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Study: Massive Data Centers Growth and Smartphones Threatens the Environment

Smartphones Threatens the Environment

Research claims that smartphones and data centres will be a threat to the environment in upcoming years.

The increased usage of communications technology is soon going to become a bring problem. W Booth School’s Lotfi Belkhir does this Research and he told that by 2040 the changes in the environment could be seen if over usage of smartphones aren’t avoided.

Back in 2014, when one of his students approached him regarding his query related to his stream of Total Sustainability and Management course asked: “What does software sustainability mean?”

Many professors and associate professors of W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology were not able to answer his question.

Belkhir shared his knowledge by recommending the student to apply his tools to newly established entrepreneurial ventures. But his tools aren’t made for software startups.

It raised the question of Belkhir’s research on the global emissions footprint of information and communications technology (ICT).

In his times of research, he along with Ahmed Elmelig graduate from W booth school and co-founder of the startup, HiNT (Healthcare Innovation in Neuro Technology) came across many hurdles.

They devote their entire in acknowledging the carbon footprint of several consumer products like PC, laptop, smartphones when their usages were increased during the year 2005.

Their vital information can be collected from their latest publish Journal of Cleaner Production in 2018.

The result of the research shows that we are amidst of harmful emissions that were the result of production and operation from smartphones in ICT industries.

The incremental growth in ICT is an alarming sign as currently, it is at 1.5% which is expected to rise as much as 14% by 2040.

The daily usage of smartphones even a call or message is handled by data centres who are powered by fossil fuels. The energy consumption is very high by data centres that are serving best service to its users.

Apart from all other devices smartphones is the one that may not consume high energy to work but its manufacturing cause’s lot of damage to the environment.

Many elements in smartphones are very precious and require the excellent level of mining which is very costly.

Smartphones may not have such high features as those of PC’s and laptop, but the increase in number is the most dangerous as it is expected that by 2020 they will be the reason for the extinction of natural resources.

Belkin has made policy recommendations based on his findings.