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Teacher made primary school children to roll up their eyes to look like Chinese


Primary school Teacher told children to roll up their eyes to look like Chinese during a lesson.

The incident took place at New Bradwell School in Milton Keynes where during a class project where children within the age group of 6-8 were asked to dress up like Chinese people. School made a clear escape by apologizing for the teacher such behaviours.

Everything was going fluently until the students asked to roll up their eyes while posing during a photo session. The slant-eyed picture of the whole group including the teachers and her assistant was snapped. Lather the picture was pinned to the window of New Bradwell School in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

A mother got furious about such behaviour of teachers towards little children and blamed the school faculty.

The women told the local newspaper that “children were told to roll up their eyes for a photo just to make it funny teacher also joined them along with her assistant”.

“Being naïve children might have hurt their eyes”

“They didn’t even concerned about child safety before doing such ridiculous act”

“Such lessons might evolve Children in wrong way and they must have thought it’s ok to do that”

“Apart from all that it is an act of racism”

Another mother criticize by saying that “teachers are considered as second parents and if they convey such imprecise lesson then the future of children is not in good hands”

‘They should know how to act. I’m annoyed at the teacher. They need to grow up.’  

The school is well known for his education and facilities and even rated as ‘outstanding’ in its most recent 2012 Ofsted report.

The headteacher apologized to whole nation when he came to know about this and removed the picture.

As an apology, he said that “I apologize on the behalf of whole school and faculty and I consider it as the great dishonour to Chinese and every other community who felt wrong and by all means, a strict action will be taken against the teachers”.

Later he told for avoiding such activities in future there will be the change in school’s procedures and policies.