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Technology revolution: Dead people will return in form of robotic clones


The technology

Presently, the scientists are trying to create a platform where the dead bodies with the help of science may come back. They may serve some purposes which the diseased one has left half way. There are people who were eminent heads of society. Their untimely death puts many incidents on the shelve. The entire family only mourn the physical death and disassociation of the family member but the society mourns the death of the gem.

Robots have Live too

The paranormal activities are subjected to unreal, unethical studies about the other world, which is not acceptable to the general mass. The interest lies in it is little superficial. There is no science in it. The mediators of this subject are also remaining under scrutiny. Here the news of making technological revolutions based upon dead bodies has surprised many individuals. The news is yet to swallowed by people smoothly. The preservation of dead bodies and taking the useful features out of it is quite unscientifically, the world is thinking. The scientists want dead people to return as robotic clones.

The custom of a civilization

There is a custom in Trojan civilization which serves food, clothes, keeps a bowl in that particular room for urinating off the dead body. They do all these actions in thinking of the love they used to share with the diseased one, while he/she was alive. The bridge between the diseased one and the living one is not possible. The cosmos is built in that way. The atheists are dead against of this culture.


The need to use the technology

We are discussing the need for this technology to come up as real here. We may connect with the loved ones. They can predict and guide us the way they used to, in living conditions. The way people keep bodies in Trojan culture might become viral and useful to the society in a vast way. The certain culture has a special message to the society that we cannot leave the loved one just because he is not pumping the lungs anymore. We need to expand our humanity for some benefits in larger prospect.

People are trying to concentrate in the larger spectrum of science and society. The bridge is very important for future, to live happily.