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The balance between Nature and technology


Global warming is raising many eyebrows for a certain period from now. The environment is not giving subsidies anymore.

The amount of carbon dioxide and pollution we are emitting day in day out, are actually will suffocate our lives very soon. Nature is coming under the shadow of pollution. This shadow is solely created by human. The human beings are progressing in life with the help of Technology and science. The cursing factor of science is also making their moves too.

Nature elements

There are five elements in the World. These five elements are here in this cosmos to maintain the balance of the universe. We all are tampering the balance by use of technology.

Birds in nature

The sparrows are not available in city lives. This is a small bird which is not very irritating but they are of this nature to serve some purpose. They are bee-eaters; they chirp sweetly, they are the balance in the universe. Every living entity is giving something to the society. The almighty or nature has made them and human beings in that way. The fewer amounts of sparrows might not irk you to the end but the balance of this universe will certainly suffer. The coconut trees are less in numbers, the coconuts, the birds, and the natural balance is suffering due to the upsurge of Mobile towers.

The sea level

There is a hotel and the hospitality of the hotel is catching the attention of the visitors. The aquatic beauty has mesmerized the visitors a lot. Now, we are on the verge of the question that is this beauty that will appreciate by us at large. If there will be a provision of water parks, water universities, water hotels that are all in the under the surface level, we are not sure of the appreciation level. There are handfuls of architects that are pleasing our fantasies now. But there will be a huge problem if we will continue to live in that position.

Sea level is an uprising. The marine life is under threat. The balance of this universe is not happening and happy to live with. We must take care of our mother earth where we can maintain the level. Greenhouse gases are doing the most harm to sea level. By above discussion, we must maintain the balance by every element of nature.