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The Happy feet penguins are disappearing soon


Mass population is increasing their greed day by day.

The world is living on a power spinning spree. They love to show their prowess to the subordinate without any reason. The entire cosmos is running as per the necessary and universal way.

The human being, the superior one tries to intervene in a universal way. This interruption in the natural course of evolving of the earth is the main reason we can build a Rome or we might become the reason for the devastation of Rome.

Nature takes the birth of its natural course and all things natural are moving around a shackle. The earth is moving around Sun. It is moving in its orbit.

We cannot track down the earth by pushing it from its orbit. The same way we cannot keep the balance of nature by moving a single element from it.

Reason for death

At present, the news of penguins going less in numbers is making environmentalists very thoughtful. They are decreasing in number not by killing each other or having any diseases.

They are dying because of the changing climate of nature. The global warming is keeping a paw on them. The changing environment and overfishing in the coastal lines are giving a strong threat to penguins.

Penguins are a flightless, aquatic bird. They found in North hemisphere, majorly in Antarctica. They spend their lives half on land and half on oceans.

They eat fish, krill, squid and other sea life species. They are highly colonial and social birds that outline reproduction colonies gathering in the tens of thousands.

Climate change

The global warming or climate change will differ from region to region. Anticipated changing includes sea level rising, increasing global temperature, Carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse gas effect, expansion of deserts in subtropics and many more.

The excessive use of plastics and dampening of it in water bodies are creating havoc problem in marine life.

Penguins will disappear or could disappear at the end of this century. We are leading towards an end. Death of penguins will harm the balance in biodiversity and will certainly sadden us as they are happy feet and gives us charm by their looks and action.