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The Internet Headache: ‘Saridon’ Banned Becomes a New Headache

‘Saridon’ Banned Becomes a New Headache
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The ban of ‘Sardion’ is now becoming the headache over the internet.  Recently, Government banned this one of the most popular selling medicine for a headache and 328 drugs banned because these Fixed Dose Combination (FDCs) poses a risk to the life of human beings if taken regularly.

Govt. bans Saridon?? What the hell!

Hey Govt! I am married for 25 years with 2 grown up children and a mother in law. What will I do??

At least legalise marijuana!

— Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) 13 September 2018

Govt. bans Saridon?? Shocking !!!

Hey Govt! I am married, What will I do now ??

Please reconsider !

— Mr. BSF (@Mr__BSF) 13 September 2018

Meme of ‘Sardion’ are in trend over the internet which is another headache among the users.

‘Saridon’ is known as one of the most effective painkillers which are taken by human beings mainly to get relief from a headache.

Gluconorm PG which is another very popular diabetes medicine banned.

Almost 6,000 medicine brands going to be affected by the ban imposed by the Union Ministry of Health but we can say this is good decision taken because this ban of medicine is a step to terminate the negative effect on human beings .

Physician those who are unaware with the combination of a drugs can prescribe wrong dosage which can affect the risk to the health of human being.

The decision of banning Fixed Dose Combination drugs will be helpful for all the patients who take wrong dosage of such medicines due to the wrong prescription and after complete study of the wrong effects on human body by the Drugs Technical Advisory board, Union Ministry of Health has banned manufacturers for 328 combination varieties of FDCs.

It is expected that the ban will be going to the affected business of around 25,000 INR which is very huge.

If you take the dosage stop taking it right now because it will affect your health condition.