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The key to weight loss is what you eat, Not how much


It is proven fact that the key to losing weight is dependent upon what you eat and not how much you eat though, maintaining caloric diet is one more factor that people need to take care of.

Researchers also supported this fact by implementing a test which involved the participation of 600 overweight peoples.

After a year it was found that subjects showed a great response by losing more than 12 pounds over the course of 365 days. Apparently, their diets weren’t subjected to cut calories.

The people were divided into two groups namely low-carb and low-fat groups and directed to cut their daily calorie intake by 500.

The research showed that those who consumed mostly vegetables with low proportion of sugar and unhealthy foods lost the most weight.

Since it is known fact that genes can tell how one’s body will react to particular diet so, before moving along all the participants went through a surgery of genetic variations which actually tells how the body of each individual will perform through low-carbs diet and low-fat diet.

The participants’ insulin levels were also taken. But both of the factors were meaningless in order to lose weight as said lead author Christopher Gardner.

Other researchers also showed their interest in this study, Dr. David Ludwig, Boston Children’s Hospital obesity researcher said that “the participants were not subjected properly so jumping on them to the conclusion by picking up insulin and gene factor would not be appropriate”

Dr. Frank Hu, nutrition chief at Harvard’s School of Public Health said that “overall quality of diet is more important irrespective of genes and insulin factors”

As far as concerned what you eat is more important to lose weight as it is also recommended by nutrition experts and gym trainers too. At some point our body might react in different manner to different diets but as soon as the individual is determined to lose weight the diet is a keen factor to look upon.

Though, Stanford researchers are investing money in proving the genetic link for weight loss. According to experts a perfect diet where carbs, protein and fats intake are balanced showed best result till date.