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Top gadgets of 2018 so far which you can’t afford to miss

Top gadgets of 2018 so far which you can’t afford to miss

Tech gadgets which had made their name in the top list of 2018 so far.  

We have seen a lot this year especially if we talk about electronics and technology industry. Many bug organizations like Samsung and Apple cherished their success party of released products.

Let’s look at some gadgets which are quirky in their own way. These gadgets have different properties which will burn your pockets to buy.


  • One plus 6


You did see that coming with a starting price of Rs 36000 only this smartphone become the most selling smartphone in industry. It lacks water-resistant but other properties made it equal to those of Samsung Galaxy products.


  • Huawei Notebook Pro


With the rigid and exemplary design, this laptop stands up to people expectations. It is lightweight and got a slim design which is a catchy property. Not to mention the 13.9-inch (3,000 x 2,000 resolutions) touchscreen display is stunning with really thin bezels.


  • Boosted Mini S and X


This skateboard is the total value of money as it is electric board and has got additional inbuilt features contrast to normal one. $749 is just as half of big sized boosted electronic board.


  • Oculus Go


So this VR proved to be very efficient and it is drawn the attention of seekers. Though it is little costly that doesn’t seem so problematic as it has got attributes that med this so unique. It is like iPhone of smartphones which stand out from others.


  • DJI Mavic Air


This is the most well defined and quirky drone you will see in the market. Not only it is smaller than DJ Mavic pro but it can fly up to 42.5 mph and can last up to 21 minutes. It is like perfectly build AI which can be controlled through hand gestures.


  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+


Samsung has again proved their consistency with the launch of S9 and S9+ since it is much better than S8 and S8+. There are very few phones in the market with iris and face unlocker, water resistant and dual cameras at the back.


  • Apple home pod


Well, it is much costly as compare to Google home pod and not smarty as Google assistant but it does sound much better than Google home pod. If you are planning to buy it already then go for a pair since it can make your house more happening.


  • Apple iPad (2018)


Talking about best iPad then you should look for Apple iPad since it’s 9.7inch screen gives much clearer and depth view with a faster A10 chip and Apple Pencil support.


  • Huawei P20 Pro


Huawei has much more surprises this year. Of course, no one wants to miss an offer to buy a smartphone with 3 cameras on the back which is as light as feather and got features as compared to those high prices ranged phone.


  • Dyson Cyclone V10


Being small in size doesn’t affect the suction power of this cyclone. It has got high packed vacuum motor which can swoop all the nasty dust. You can rely on it once you gather money to buy it.