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How to train your brain to think in new ways

The key to success is Brain. Neither pessimist nor optimist is able to make difference if they are not smart enough to unlock the mystery of Brain. The real world runs by Realist who always though out of the box and embraced their names in world history.

One thing that people always misunderstood is the difference between an intelligent and smart man.

5 ways in which you can boost you brain level from average to genius level

Well, human think of themselves as logical creatures and studies have proved that the left prefrontal cortex is needed to make logical trains of thought happen but a lot of time the input comes from the right.

1. Try to engage yourself in different activities

Never sit free always try to learn a new skill or try to do things which makes you happy. As doctors also say “Smiling is the sign of healthy mind”. Engage with your hobbies and keep track of your schedule. Remember practice does make a man perfect but only when He/She wants it badly.

2. Follow a Brain training program

A brain training program is perfect for a beginner to successively increase their smartness level Step by step. There are many applications available on the internet that lists different activities for the user. Brain IQ is one such application among them. On an average, an individual should spend half an hour daily to achieve the quality time.

3. Spend time with your family

Well, emotions are the part of heart an individual should be able to express his feeling towards his loved ones. If you are an introvert then you should definitely try to spend time with your loved ones. Researchers also claimed that money isn’t the reason for happiness. At the end of what a matter if you are happy or not!


IMAGE Dr Joe Dispenza


4. Go to Gym

Well, it might sound very unnatural but yeah working out is one way to exercising your brain functions even briefly exercising for 25 minutes facilitates information processing. Exercise helps you to feel confident and undoubtedly it helps you to memorize things faster.

5. Don’t overthink

Overthinking won’t change anything imagining the situations and hoping it to fit up your expectations will make you feel hopeless if anything falls off the bridge instead of this try to increase your focus level by doing meditation. It is a proven activity that helped millions and adds it to your daily routine.