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Twitter asks 336 million users to change password

Twitter asks 336 million users to change password

Twitter faced issues after there was bug reported in his algorithm.

Currently registered 336 million users have been asked to change their passwords because the problem occurred where passwords are stored in plain text in an internal system.

Currently, the situation is handled by protection team, and there was no report of breach or misuse has been found but twitter still implying the orders to change the passwords and all the other services where they had used this password.

Twitter’s chief technology officer, Parag Agrawal, made an apology through a blog post and said that “We are very sorry for our mistake we don’t want our users to distrust us we appreciate your privacy and avoid such issues in future.”

Usually, the passwords are stored in an unreadable form for any services, but in case of Twitter, it’s different they store passwords in the form of random letters and numbers called hash which is stored in the database of company system.

“This allows our systems to validate your account credentials without revealing your password,” said Agrawal. “This is an industry standard.”

When this bug occurred, the passwords were displayed in the internal log before the completion of hashing process.

Company cross-checked the issue themselves and sent immediate notice to all the users to change passwords.

“Currently the bug has been taken care of, and we are trying to tighten up the privacy issue to avoid this unfortunate in future,” said Mr. Agarwal

The notice received by users mentioned two most essential factors i.e.

To enable two-factor authentication on their Twitter account and advised to use a secure password mixed up with special characters, numbers, and letters.