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Weird Effects: What Happens to Your Brain When You Eat Junk Food

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We all know that junk can blow your waistline but you will be shocked after knowing that it will surprisingly affect your brain as eating the junk food is one of the causes of depression.

Now, you will ask really is this a cause of depression?

Yes, you heard it right. According to the recent research, it is found that junk food is the detriment cause of depression.

Here is some weird fact:

Brain will hook on sugar

We think that the junk food only contains the high calories and fat, have you look at the sugar level? Your answer will be No, in fact, meals that are advertised as healthy is not healthy in real. For example, Asian chicken salad contains 33 grams of sugar. High level of sugar will surely be going to increase the chance of myriad diseases.

You will become vulnerable to social media message

According to the research, it is found that $4.5 billion is spent on the advertising of the junk food for attracting the people of all categories whether teenager or kids. As our brain reacts by scan the images more easily than seeing the alphabets that’s why the companies focus more on the logos so that they can attract the customers easily.

You will eat too much and too fat

It’s not the taste of the food, that makes you eat too much and too fast but it’s the environment where you eat the junk food. Actually, the bright colors like the yellow and red color stimulate your mind. Loud music also increases the rate of eating which leads to increase the calorie intake.

Become prone to depression

In research at the New Haven, it is found that those people who eat the junk food like pizza are 60 percent more likely to be depressed than who don’t eat it. As the high intake of junk food affect your health condition which indirectly going to affect your brain and you become prone to the risk of depression.

If you have understood these weird effects this will be very good for you if you stop eating the junk food from now and share this article on social media to save all the people out there from these dangerous health issues. Leave your suggestion in the comment section below.