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What is Ear candling, is it a helpful remedy or suffering one?

What is Ear candling, is it a helpful remedy or suffering one?Image/Scarymommy

We like to keep ourselves fresh all day that’s why people prefer massage and other body treatments to be done regularly, but do we really need to go through ear candling too?

Many people have gone through ear candling, some gave positive response while many found it unbearable to adapt.

Of course! There has to be a problem when a burning candle goes inside ear to clean out the wax. However, People use it as an alternative to removing ear wax from the body.

How ear candling actually works?

Let’s look at the procedure of ear candling and how helpful it is for our ear,

A cone-shaped candle (made of muslin and dipped in paraffin) is inserted into the ear canal when the candle slightly burns it starts generating smoke which in turn helps in removal of wax and other debris. Due to this process, the wax got to stick to the candle and then the practitioner slightly pulls out it out.

The therapy actually based on cleaning of Eustachian tubes which in this case is the yellow colour part. When the cone starts burning it produces a smoke which is somewhat sticky, and it is pushed to the cone, the tacky particles in smoke sticks to the cone and incoming smoke moves the wax to return to the cone again.

This is an ancient technique invented by Egyptian, as of today it cost around $37 to $ 50 in luxurious spas.

So it is worth to go for ear candling?

Well, practitioner says that it helps in enhancing all four senses of the body i.e. hearing, sight, smell, and taste and it also diminishes swimmer’s ear pain, reduces stress and a whole lot of pros to include in your monthly regime.

Some said it makes you feel more confident and makes you emotionally stable, well it more sounds like a myth.

But the people who have actually did it have a different thought than those of experts, they say it’s a waste of time because most of the times smoke doesn’t find its way back to cone because human ears have got eardrums which actually creates a barrier in the path of the smoke.

Apart from this to pulled the toxins back to the cone requires strong suction force, which is absent in this procedure,

The conclusion

Well, there are all sorts of reviews and stories but that doesn’t mean you should not give it a try if you are really having a problem in the ear then we suggest that you should spend bucks and go for it. Maybe it turns out good for you.