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What to do in life to run it on right track, Wants to Get Millions and Happiness Together?

What to do in life to run it on right track, Wants to Get Millions and Happiness Together? Develop this Mastery

How to be happy in life, at last, what matters are your smiles, if you are happy then you are on right track regardless of low wealth.

These days, youth is facing problems in achieving a happy and prosperous life. They are obsessed with their jobs, working late night, not having enough sleep are some of the most major issues among youngsters.

Apparently, there are ways to succeed a happy life. Either follow your passion and work hard to make it possible or develop a particular skill in short time to succeed in life.

There is a great saying

“Everything popular is wrong.” — Oscar Wilde

People are following their passion with the wrong approach. Working totally on self rather and not thinking about the betterment of people is not the right way to approach towards your goal.


How to work towards your passion

  1. Find your limit and surpass it by giving 2 to 3 hours daily.
  2. Find the weakness work on it.
  3. Find a way to help people through your work.
  4. Giving more hours is not always necessary, remember quality always matter.
  5. Shape your personality according to the work, sometimes shaping behaviour will help to improve confidence.
  6. Confidence isn’t what leads to success, instead, a successful behaviour is what leads to confidence.


Things might not always go according to you. You will encounter failures but if your mindset is fixed then success is too.

How to develop mastery

Following the path of successful people will help you to achieve mastery. They have seen the different twist and turn and their current life is the reason for their hard work.

“What got you here won’t get you there.” It means people achieve a certain level of success and continue to follow a particular strategy to crack every problem. That actually put a stop to their growth if you really want to grow then you need to devise the strategy and work on different to explore your skills to pro level.

Failing often using different approaches coming out of comfort zone is what makes you face the harshness of the real world.

This way you can master any skill by consistently working on it.

How to make millions

Since everything comes down to the penny, it is advised by Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan, growing by 10X is actually easier than growing by 2X. Means investing in your self will give you lot better results than investing in stock market.

Once you start working for yourselves you get more committed to making it work. You gain immediate access to people and smart ideas that you have never been able to think yourself.

And once you taste the success you became hungry for success and get to know what exactly you want and how much. You become selfless, more confident more compassionate and all these things finally help you to see to achieve your target.